Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bear Lake Weekend

In May for Mother's Day weekend we decided to go to Bear Lake for the weekend. We left after work on friday and headed up to Bear Lake. We were a little nervous about the drive because it has been a few years since either Mike or I had been up there. Thank goodness our girls are great travelers for the most part and they all did really well on the drive, which was great since we hit a snow storm on our way up. We had quite a nice weekend together with Mike's parents and youngest sister. By the time we got to Bear Lake on friday it was time for bed. On Saturday we got up and had quite a big breakfast and Mike and his dad went golfing, while us girls stayed in the condo and hung out. The girls went out and played on the playground for a few minutes but it was quite cold still, so they didn't stay out long. When Mike got back from golfing our family went to the indoor swimming pool, which was across the parking lot from our condo. We swam for about 1 hour before the girls were cold and wanted to go back to the condo. We headed back, had dinner, and played some games with Mike's parents before going to bed. The next day was Mother's Day and it was an enjoyable day. The boys got up and made us all a nice breakfast, then we gave/received gifts. Our family gave Mike's mom a wreath that I made to hang on her front door and a card. Mike and the girls gave me a game I had been wanting, a card, and Mother's ring. Kenzley gave me a book a she made all about me at school, Brinley gave me a subway art plaque she made at school and a cute craft that her step mom Valerie helped her do for me with a nice note on the back. Mike's parents gave me a griddle and a rice cooker. It was a great Mother's Day weekend and my family did a great job making feel loved and appreciated. I appreciate all the Mother's in my life and I'm so blessed to have them to look up to.