Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kenzley's Monster High Ghoul School 6th birthday party

This year Kenzley decided she wanted to have a Monster High party. I did some pinterest and internet searching and was able to come up with a fun party for her and her friends. It turned out amazing and she told me thank you at least 100 times. I started by ordering a cute invite from etsy that included all her favorite Monster High girls. As the girls arrived I had a sign in to ghoul school table, complete with a roll, name tag, and uniform (headband with a flower clip). Once the girls were signed in with their name badge on and in uniform they were invited to go the student lounge, where they could be transformed into a ghoul. In the student lounge we had face repair and claw painting available so the girls could get ready for the fearbook photo. Once the girls were transformed they were invited to pick between 3 different Monster High cosutmes for their photo, they could choose between Clawdeen Wolf, Howlween Wolf, and Ghoulia Yelps. The girls changed into a cosutme and came to the photo booth for their fearbook photo. I had them give me a cute pose and a "Monster High" pose.
 Shelby Clawdeen Wolf

Kadence Howlween Wolf

 Kenzley Ghoulia Yelps

Brinley Clawdeen Wolf
Irelynn Howlween Wolf

Kenzley and Lilly as scary ghouls (Lilly didn't want to dress up or take a picture alone)

They all were so cute and had so much fun, once we were done with photos we played don't pass the note in class. So the girls sat in a circle and passed a note with Kenzley's name on it, Mike would pause the music while they were passing it and the girl with the note in her hand was out. We kept playing until we had a winner, and then winner ended up being Kenzley! We then had a dance party and got groovy! After we did cake and ice cream and opened presents. We got a cute Monster High cake from Walmart and did 3 differend kinds of ice cream. Kenzley wanted to open her presents in the photo booth so we put a chair inside for her to sit on. Once she was done her and her friends got to play for a few minutes before their parents came to get them. She loved all of her presents and all the support she got from her friends. Happy 6th birthday Kenzley, I hope you had a wonderful day.

The Ghoul School sign in, uniforms, and name tags
The kitchen where we took fearbook photos, opened presents, and ate cake
The table where the transformations took place
Kenzley's birthday cake
Don't pass the note in class
Dance party
 All the Monster High Ghouls!