Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Build A Bear Adventure

Before the party started on Saturday Mike and I decided to take the girls to spend their chore money at build a bear. We also thought this would be perfect so Skyeley could have a new baby for her new crib she got on her birthday. Brinley and Kenzley have been to Build A Bear a few times in their life, but this was Skyeley's first time. Brinley choose a Disney palace pet Bear that she named Sparkle, Kenzley decided to wait and go to Wal-Mart and get more Monster High dolls to add to her collection, and Skyeley choose a Minnie Mouse bear. Brinley was excited to step on the pedal to fill her bear just right, Skyeley on the other hand was not so fond of the sound. Skyeley did like choosing at a heart and giving it a kiss though.

They even gave Skyeley a special name badge that said she was there celebrating her 2nd birthday, thanks to Kenzley for making everyone aware. After their bears were stuffed it was time to go give them a bath so they could get dressed. Skyeley also did not like the bath, so she had her dad do it for her.

Build A Bear happened to be having a sale on clothes and accessories the day we went and so Brinley decided to shop off of the sale rack so she could get 2 outfits for her pair. Skyeley was stuck on the Minnie Mouse clothes for her Minnie Mouse bear.
We had a great day out with the girls and they seemed to have a great day too. Skyeley knew her bear was in the box and she refused to let anyone help her carry it to the car. The box was as big as she was, but it was still cute to watch her be so independent.
After such a fun filled day of Build A Bear and her Minnie Mouse party, Skyeley finally crashed while eating dinner. I would say her 2nd birthday celebration was a complete success.