Monday, May 26, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was so much fun this year, all three girls are old enough to understand the concept of easter egg hunts and it was fun to watch them participate in their age categories. Our first Easter egg hunt was in Hooper, where each girl got lots of candy and prizes. Skyeley even ended up with one of the big baskets from the hunt.

Our next hunt was up at weber state for the Easter egg dive. We have done this one for the past few years and girls love it. They get lots of little toys and they love swimming, so that is an extra plus. This year both girls won free swimming lessons from the easter egg dive. They will start taking lessons in the fall.
Our last Easter egg hunt was in Morgan. They were divided up into age group and all 3 girls ended up in a different age group. We called Mike's mom to come help us with one of the girls so that we could make sure every girl had at least one adult with them. All 3 girls ended up with a big basket from this hunt and were very good to share their prizes with each other.
That night we dyed easter eggs and they just had to be glittery because they were princess easter eggs. The girls love this tradition and they are getting very good about not mixing colors together.
On Sunday morning the girls woke up extra early, I think they were excited for the easter bunny. The easter bunny came, hid the baskets, and spoiled the girls. They were all so excited for what the easter bunny brought. Brinley got a new dress, an Elsa castle with Elsa and Olaf included, and lots of candy. Kenzley got a new dress, an Anna castle with Anna included, and lots of candy. Skyeley got a new dress and lots of candy.

We went to church with the girls in their new dresses and when we came home the girls were able to do the easter egg hunt the bunny had done for them. Once they were done with that it was time for us to head up to Morgan for Easter dinner/Mike's birthday dinner. We had an enjoyable day together as a family. My girls even tried to recreate my favorite picture from when they were little. They did this all on their own!


Kenzley's Kindergarten Field Trip

This year Kenzley and her class got to go to the Treehouse Children's Museum for their field trip. They had a lot of fun and got to learn all about fairytales and story telling. We were all divided into groups and I had 3 kids in my group. They were Kenzley, Suzanna, and Jasmine. Our first stop was in the theater where the kids put on a play of the 3 little pigs with some parts of little red riding hood. The kids who wanted to were able to participate in the play and dress up and act out the story. Our second stop was where we learned the same stories we already knew, like Cinderella and Snow White, but we got to learn other cultures stories of the same story. They all were similar until the ending, and that is when most of them changed. Our last stop was where the kids got to make a magic wand, and it could be any kind of magic, shape, and color that they wanted. Once we were done through the rotations the kids got some free play before it was time to go. I feel really lucky that I am able to go on the field trips with my kids and experience these special times with them.


Every few months my coworkers and I like to get together for some girl time. This time we decided to go to Twigs at station park and enjoy a nice dinner, with a little shopping after. We always have such a great time together and I enjoy the friendships I've been able to make/keep with my coworkers.

Morgan Alumni Basketball 2014

This year Mike was contacted to play in the Morgan High Alumni Basketball games with the boys he graduated with. Mike wasn't ever on the high school basketball team but he worked hard and tried hard to get there. The problem with being in a small town is there are a lot of politics that play into things like that, so even though he was good enough he just never made it. He had always wanted to play with the boys who were on the team, but never had a chance, until this year. He was so excited that they would even think of asking him to come play. Needless to say he played hard and they won the championship again. That same week that Mike was playing Kenzley got sent home with the class Minnie Mouse. She had to write in a journal what she did with Minnie and what fun adventures they got to go on and then she could draw a picture or paste a picture inside the journal. She choose to take a picture with her dad and Minnie at the game after they won.

Birthday Celebrations 2014

Since Mike and I's birthdays are so close together, we usually like to choose a fancy place to celebrate. Somewhere we don't normally get to go all the time and somewhere a little pricey. This year we choose to go to the Melting Pot for our birthday dinner. They also happened to be doing a free cheese fondue special the week before my birthday and so we decided to go while the special was going on. We invited Mike's parents, his brother, and his brother's girlfriend. We had a great time together and ended up getting spoiled with two free boxes of chocolate dipped strawberries for our birthday.
This year on my birthday, when I got to work at the clinic my desk was decorated with my favorite things and we also did a pot luck and Pegah spoiled me with my very own raspberry lemonade cake from Sweet Tooth Fairy. The food was great and the cake was AMAZING!!! Pegah even had them put my nick name "A HO" on the cake. My nick name is just the few letter of my first and last name put together but it fits perfectly with me working in OB/GYN. My night ended with us going out to eat at Burger Bar for dinner and having some Village Inn pie for dessert. Brinley and Kenzley are old enough this year they were able to go to the store and pick out things they thought I would like. They both did a great job surprising me with their gifts and making this one of the best birthdays yet.

Mike turned 30 this year and Kenzley really wanted to have a "TEE" party for him, since he loves golf. Unfortunately we weren't able to pull it off this year, but we were able to pull off having his coworker decorate his desk at work without him knowing. Towards the end of last year we decorated one of Mike's coworkers desk for his 60th birthday and Kenzley got to come and help. So this year she was wondering if someone would do that for her dad, and much to her surprise they did. I had gone to our local party store and picked up some fun 30 year old decorations for his desk and met up with one of his coworkers. Since Mike's birthday fell on a Monday his coworker was kind enough to go in on sunday and decorate his desk for me. He sent me pictures and I must say he did a fantastic job!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Comp Dance 2014

This year Brinley's dad was approached about Brinley starting on a competition dance team. He was originally told that she would just be on a starter team that wouldn't cost as much as the other teams and then she could gradually move up each year as her skills improved. Well much to our surprise when they were doing placements for teams, Brinley surpassed her age group and ended up being placed in the 9-10 year old group. She loves to dance and has become quite good at it, but she doesn't have much in common with the girls on her team and she is usually left alone. She is still doing tumbling and doing just as good in that as well. So far this year she has had 3 competitions and her team has taken 2nd place each time. We are so proud of her and all her accomplishments and hope that she continues to excel in all that she does.


Vegas 2014

This year our family didn't go together to Vegas because I didn't really want to go. I feel like we have done and gone everything there is to do in Vegas and it just doesn't seem that great to me anymore. I chose to stay home with the girls while Mike went with his parents. It was a long week without Mike but we survived and even went and had fun together at Disney on Ice. It also helped that we moved into our new place just a couple days before Mike left and so I had plenty to do to keep me occupied. Every year Mike likes to go down and watch BYU play in the tournament. This year he didn't seem like he cared as much if he went to every game, like he has in the past, but he still went to the games BYU played. While he was there, him and his dad were even able to get in a few rounds of golf, which they both seemed to enjoy. We haven't decided if our family will go to Vegas next year or if Mike will go alone again, but my girls were pretty sad about not going this year. Luckily for them we have one last family vacation coming up in the summer before I start school.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Disney On Ice 2014

In March the girls and I went on our semiannual Disney on Ice girls trip to salt lake. My mom was able to go with us because Mike was out of town for the college basketball tournament. We got to salt lake and went to eat at City Creek and to shop at the Disney Store before the show started. We have found it is cheaper to do this than to buy toys from the stands at Disney on Ice. Unfortunately, this time when we went to the Disney Store we were disappointed in the selection of toys they had to offer so we ended up buying toys from the stands anyway. The girls loved this Disney on Ice because they were able to see their favorite princesses and even some princesses we haven't see at Disney on Ice before. This time we got to see Rapunzel, Merida, and of course Belle and Ariel. It is so much fun to keep this tradition alive with my kids and I love watching their faces light up as their favorite characters come out to skate.

Boys Mesquite Trip

Back in August Mike's cousin Chad asked Mike if he would like to be in a golf tournament in February in Mesquite. Mike gladly joined and invited his dad to go along with him. On Febrauary 7 this year Mike and his dad headed down to mesquite for the tournament. Even though neither one of them won anything they still seemed to have a great time together. The girls and I stayed at my mom's house that weekend and went on a shopping adventure to the Disney store in Salt Lake with my mom. Brinley received a gift card from some friends for her birthday to the Disney store and she was excited to go and use it. We started our day off with a stop at Beyond Glazed Doughnuts in Ogden for some breakfast and then went to the frontrunner station to get on the train. Once we got to Salt Lake we went shopping at the Disney store and then headed to the food court for some lunch before heading back home. We had a fun girl's day out and hanging out together.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

P!nk Concert

Last year around my birthday Ariel and I decided we wanted to go to the P!nk concert that was going to come in October. We had talked about going for a couple of weeks but by the time we actually got around to buying our tickets there were no more seats left by each other in the lower bowl. We were able to purchase 2 tickets on the same row, but they were at opposite ends of the row. We figured like most concerts we would be able to just sit by each other anyway. This concert ended up being rescheduled 2 different times before we were actually able to go in January but it was well worth the wait. P!nk put on an amazing show and it was very entertaining. The tour she was doing was called the Truth about Love. Ariel and I went out to Spaghetti Factory for dinner before going to the concert and once we were at the concert the people watching was AWESOME! There were so many different types of people with different styles of love. Ariel and I were able to get our pictures taken with some of the different people there that stood out. Ariel and I started out sitting by each other but by the time the concert started we were no longer to stay sitting by each other, so we both ended up sitting in our own seats. Even though it was awkward sitting alone, it was one of the best concerts I have ever been too.

Papa's Birthday

This year for Kevan's birthday he decided he wanted to go to McGrath's Fish House in Layton for his birthday dinner. Aleshia, Kevan, Mike and I all had coupons to use and we thought this would be the perfect time. Much to our dismay, when we arrived for dinner we found out that McGrath's had closed that location. We were very disappointed, but he decided that we could go around the corner to Texas Roadhouse. The bad thing about going out to dinner with the girls when it is someone's birthday is that they love to tell everyone that it is that person's birthday. Kevan was able to experience the saddle and Texas Roadhouse birthday "yee-haw," and the girls were satisfied with the attention he got. Happy birthday Papa, hope you had a wonderful day!