Sunday, December 29, 2013

Roy Days Parade

Brinley was in the Roy Days parade again this year for dance. My mom's husband Autie is a truck driver and he was able and willing to drive the girls on the back of his flat bed trailor for the parade. Brinley loved riding on the big truck and loved being able to tell people that it was her grandpa driving.

Kenzley's 1st lost tooth

Kenzley lost her first tooth on July 26th while having a sleep over with her sister at Steve's house. I must admit I am not surprised that it happened at his house but I was sad because of course I wanted her to be home. The toothfairy still was able to visit her at his house and she was so excited. She got $2 and felt bad that Brinley and her cousins, Alexis and Ashlynn didn't get any, and so she started to tear her dollars apart so they could all have some money. I am very proud that she wanted to share, unfortunately I need to teach her the right way to share money.

24th of July and Boondocks

This year we decided to go to the 24th of July pioneer parade in Ogden. The older two girls have been in enough parades to understand what they are about. They however did not like the Ogden parade. They were very annoyed there wasn't any candy and it was really long. I don't think we will go again until they are older or they at least let them through things out. I was able to get some very fake smiles out of them when the parade was over on this horse statue. Later that day we went to boondocks with Mike's family. The girls had so much fun and I just love going and doing things with their grandparents. I have some very neat memories of things I did with my grandma while growing up and I hope that the girls will cherish these memories as they get older. We spent most of the day at boondocks and then we decided on our way home to pick up pizza and eat it in the park. Here are some pictures of our day at boondocks.

Brinley driving in the go cart by herself
Daddy and Kenzley in the cop go cart

Grandma and Brinley in the go cart

Kenzley on the merry go round

Kenzley's Barbie Party

This year Kenzley wanted a Barbie themed party. This party was so much fun and I think all the girls loved it. I found the invitation on etsy and it went perfectly with the theme and colors. I also ordered the party favor bags from a shop on etsy called BeachBabyDesign. I was able to get each girl their own Barbie from Walmart for fairly cheap and then I found a lady on etsy (her shop name is GrizzlyCreek) who made plain dresses for the girls to design. Once the girls arrived they chose their Barbie and sat down at the table to start designing their dresses for the fashion show. Once the girls were done with their dresses they visited the make up station and the fingernail painting station so they could be part of the fashion show with their Barbie. Once they were all beautified they put on dress ups and did a fashion show for us, at the end of the cat walk they held the Barbie frame and had their photo taken with their Barbie. Once the fashion show was over we headed outside for the Barbie purse piñata and the girls were given their party favor bags to put their treasures in from the piñata. This was such a fun party and the girls loved dressing up and designing the Barbie's dresses. Happy 5th birthday Kenzley!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Minky photo shoot and Cowabunga Bay

In June Minky Couture held a baby photo shoot in Layton. They wanted any available babies to come to the park for a big photo shoot with all of them and their minkys. I thought this would be fun since Skye got a minky when she was born and it has been her favorite blanket since. We arrived at the Layton park and headed over to register, once we registered we went and had her individual photo taken and then we waited until they were ready to shoot all the babies. While we were waiting Minky did some drawing for different size blankets and such that we could win. Once the photo shoot was over Minky decided to hold a facebook contest and the picture with the most likes, shares, and comments, would win. We were neck and neck for 1st place for quite a while. The baby who won would get a tween size blanket and be used for advertising. I am proud to say that this little princess won the contest and won herself a free blanket. When we went to pick up her blanker we also received a free print of her picture. I had the older two girls with me who of course had to have a new blanket too and so nana spoiled them with a new blanket as well.

That same day our family headed to Cowabunga Bay in Sandy for a day of water fun. We were able to get a good deal on our tickets and decided it would be fun to go. Mike and his dad braved the big slides and convinced Brinley to go along with them. Kenzley was content staying in the kid area. Skyeley had fun splashing and being held. We all had a good time and it was fun to go and do something out of the norm. The kids really loved going down the slides and didn't want to leave when it was time.

Princess Festival 2013

I am so far behind on blogging, but I really would like to get all our memories documented, so I am going to try and post a few a day until I get caught up. This year we had the wonderful opportunity to go to the princess festival down at thanksgiving point. I won tickets in a facebook contest and was able to take the girls down and spend the day with them. When we arrived we were greeted, given a name badge, a crown, and some princess dust was added to our hair. The girls were also given books to start their adventure. We needed to find each princess in the book and have them sign or stamp the book so we could get a special prize at the end. The girls had so much fun and were able to see their favorite princesses and even some new ones. They got to go on adventures from the different princess stories and help solve mysteries or find clues that would help along the way. It was so much fun and they really enjoyed being princesses for the day. At the end when we were done they got a snow cone for all their hard work. It was a great day and I really enjoyed spending time with them and watching the magic come to life. This is what having kids is all about.