Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Build A Bear Adventure

Before the party started on Saturday Mike and I decided to take the girls to spend their chore money at build a bear. We also thought this would be perfect so Skyeley could have a new baby for her new crib she got on her birthday. Brinley and Kenzley have been to Build A Bear a few times in their life, but this was Skyeley's first time. Brinley choose a Disney palace pet Bear that she named Sparkle, Kenzley decided to wait and go to Wal-Mart and get more Monster High dolls to add to her collection, and Skyeley choose a Minnie Mouse bear. Brinley was excited to step on the pedal to fill her bear just right, Skyeley on the other hand was not so fond of the sound. Skyeley did like choosing at a heart and giving it a kiss though.

They even gave Skyeley a special name badge that said she was there celebrating her 2nd birthday, thanks to Kenzley for making everyone aware. After their bears were stuffed it was time to go give them a bath so they could get dressed. Skyeley also did not like the bath, so she had her dad do it for her.

Build A Bear happened to be having a sale on clothes and accessories the day we went and so Brinley decided to shop off of the sale rack so she could get 2 outfits for her pair. Skyeley was stuck on the Minnie Mouse clothes for her Minnie Mouse bear.
We had a great day out with the girls and they seemed to have a great day too. Skyeley knew her bear was in the box and she refused to let anyone help her carry it to the car. The box was as big as she was, but it was still cute to watch her be so independent.
After such a fun filled day of Build A Bear and her Minnie Mouse party, Skyeley finally crashed while eating dinner. I would say her 2nd birthday celebration was a complete success.

Minnie Mouse party for Skyeley's 2nd birthday

Last Saturday was Skyeley's 2 year old birthday party and we decided to go with a Minnie Mouse theme. She really loves Minnie and has since she was little, so we thought it would be appropriate to do a Minnie party now that she is old enough to understand. I started by going to my favorite go to party place, Etsy, and found this adorable invitation.
I also had decided to do a photo booth and found cute photo booth printable off of Etsy. I love to have a fun photo opportunity at any of my parties so my girls can remember who came. Our photo booth did not disappoint any of us, and even the 2 year olds that came, got the concept of holding the props for a picture. They turned out very cute.

Since Skyeley's friends were so young I knew we wouldn't be able to hold their attention for very long. We played pin the bow on Minnie. My mother in law made me a Minnie Mouse head out of vinyl and we stuck it to the wall, and then had someone from Etsy make the cute bows to stick on. I did have the older kids blindfolded, but for the little girls I just let them stick it on.
After we were done stick the bows on, I gave the girls their goodie bags so they had a bag to put their candy in from their piñata. The goodie bags included, Minnie Mouse ears, a Minnie Mouse notebook with crayons, a Minnie Mouse bow, and a bracelet. Each girl picked their goodie bag based on the color of the ears they wanted.
 Then it was time to go outside for the piñata. I let each of the girls take a turn swinging the bat 3 times and then they all grabbed a string, pulled, and it started raining candy.

Then we came inside and did cake and ice cream. The girl I normally have do our cakes is pregnant and so I didn't ask her to do our cake this time. I ordered a cupcake cake from walmart and was pleased with how it turned out, minus the part where they put, "Happy Birthday Skyeler." I even went to the store in person and ordered the cake and spelled out her name for them. Oh well, it makes it more memorable.

After everyone was done with cake and ice cream, Skyeley opened her presents.
She got a baby and some candy from Kacey, Al, and Kynlee
She got a tutu, fairy wings, necklaces, bracelets, and candy from Kole
She got a Minnie Mouse backpack full of baby necessities inside from her Nana and Grandpa Autie.
Thanks to everyone who came and supported us. You really never know how much I really do appreciate the love and support you show to my family and me. It means so much to me that you would come during your busy days to help celebrate my girls and making them feel special.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Skyeley

This little sunshine turned 2 on August 19. We have truly been blessed by Skyeley and her happy little spirit in our home. She is such a happy girl, she loves to make people laugh, especially her sisters, and is so kind and cares about everyone. For her birthday we went up to my inlaws for her birthday dinner and had cake and ice cream at their house. I can't believe she is growing up so fast and I must admit that it is hard for me as her mom to watch her grow so fast. She is the baby of our family and she is turning into a big girl quicker than I had hoped. I am glad she was sent to us to complete our family and I couldn't have picked a better little girl to end on. We love you most Skyeley Mikell and hope you had a wonderful birthday.

First Day of School 2014

The girls started school on Thursday August 14 this year. It seems like our summer went by so quickly. I remember when I was in school feeling like summer went on forever and now it doesn't seem like summer is here long enough. The girls were so excited for school to start and they were excited for their new teachers. Both girls got the teachers they really wanted. Kenzley has Mrs. Dunmeyer, and Brinley has Mrs. Hancock. I can't believe I have a 1st and 2nd grader but I'm so glad they love school and go to school together.

It has been quite the adjustment in the morning but I secretly love every minute of it. I get to get Kenzley up and get her ready for school before I have to leave to take Skyeley to my mom. Steve drops Brinley off at our house in the morning and Mike takes both girls to school. Kenzley has opted to take her lunch to school everyday and is still learning to eat quickly so she has enough time in the lunch room to finish all her food. Brinley is a pro at all of this by now and loves being able to see Kenzley in the morning, at recess, and go home with her at night. I love the bond that these two have and I hope they always remain close. Kenzley's teacher also took a first day of school pic of them and I was sad to see that by the time Kenzley had her picture taken she had taken her hair out of the braid.

Our final lateover for the summer

After our pictures I told the girls they could have a friend come over for a lateover. Brinley choose her BFF Sage, and Kenzley choose her BFF Sadie. We had a nice dinner and the girls watched frozen, dressed up, and put on a show for us. I'm so glad my girls have great friends that they love to spend time with. Since we moved to our new neighborhood we have had a hard time making friends and feeling accepted, but I'm glad that my girls are still willing to try to make and keep friends. I think as we get older it gets harder to put ourselves out there for people to get to know, but I'm hoping that Mike and I can follow our kids' example and try a little harder to make new friends and to get to know people better.

Family pictures part 1

A couple of months ago my mom asked me to sell some things for her on facebook and so I did. On one of the items my mom had listed for sale, a lady asked if my mom would be interested in trading a session of family pictures for the items my mom had listed. My mom looked at the woman's photography work and went ahead with the trade. The lady gave my mom a gift certificate to her business and then told my mom she could contact her anytime she was ready to do the pictures. My mom decided she wanted to do a big family picture with all her kids, their spouses, grandkids, and all of her husbands kids, their spouses, and grandkids. It was really hard trying to get us all together for pictures as we all work full time jobs, and two of us share custody of kids so we had to make sure pictures fell on the right weekend. My mom was really set on doing the pictures at Beus pond, but I personally didn't want to do them there. My mom's husbands kids didn't show up for pictures so it ended up just being my mom's kids and their spouses and grandkids. I was very disappointed in the photographer. She didn't have any original ideas and didn't pose any of us. This cute one of my girls I posed them myself, needless to say I was so upset with how they turned out, but I thought my kids looked cute anyway. Lesson learned for the future.

Our Anniversary

This year Mike and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Contrary to what a lot of people said about us in the beginning we have made it and come so far. I seriously feel so blessed to have Mike in my life and I appreciate how hard working he is. He is one of the most selfless people I know and would do anything for anyone, whether he knows them or not. Mike puts his family first and is always concerned more about our needs than his own. This year for our anniversary I couldn't really decide what I wanted, until I saw a lady on facebook that flips furniture and I knew immediately what I wanted. I wanted a cute entry table to put my wood decorations on and this lady found and made exactly what I was hoping for. Mike wanted a Nike fuel band because he wants to start getting into better shape and taking care of his health. I'm so proud of Mike and the husband and father he is to the girls and I. I know the girls absolutely look up to him and adore him and I couldn't have asked for anything more. Happy Anniversary babe!

St. George Family Vacation 2014

This year for our family vacation we were going to go to Oregon, but we couldn't go because my mother in law Aleshia got a new job and couldn't take off the week we were scheduled to go. We opted to go to St. George instead because we knew with me being in nursing school that family vacations were going to have to be put on hold and I'm so glad we went. We had so much fun and got a lot accomplished. The first day we were there Mike and his dad went golfing on a really nice golf course called Sand Hollow. They enjoyed a nice day and 18 holes of golf.
The next morning we got up and went to Waffle Luv for breakfast and it didn't disappoint. They are a company that has a truck that is fully equipped to make waffles and each day they park the truck at a different location. There are from St. George to Salt Lake, but they still don't have any up where we live and I was dying to try it. We plan on stopping by their store in Provo when we go to BYU football games this season.

When we were done eating we went and did our back to school shopping at the outlets and had a great day out together as a family.
 The next day Mike and Kevan went golfing again and us girls stayed back and went to the pool and had a nice relaxing day. Later that night we went and saw, "The Little Mermaid," at Tuacahn. We had front row tickets and the show was AMAZING!!! I took the two older girls with me and Mike stayed in our condo with Skyeley cause she isn't old enough to go. My inlaws also went with the girls and I had and we had such a fun time together. They neglected to mention no photography during the performance so I was able to snap a few pictures before I got in trouble for taking pictures. The girls are already asking if we can go next year when they do Beauty and the Beast.


Baby boy baby shower

In July we did a baby shower for Dr. Moyer and her new bundle of joy. It was so much fun doing everything for a boy and it was a change of pace from what I was used to. We had it catered by Café Rio, Pegah got a cake from Costco, and I brought peanut butter fingers. We played 3 different games and had some awesome prizes for our winners. The first game we played was "Guess that baby," a lot of our coworkers brought pictures of themselves as babys and we all wrote down on a piece of paper who we thought the picture was. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but some of the girls did great guessing.
 The next game we played was pin the sperm on the egg. We saw this game on pinterest and Dr. Moyer thought it would only be appropriate for an OB/GYN office to play it. Our lovely manager designed the game and the sperm. We each wrote our name on a sperm, got blind folded, spun around, and went for the target.
We all had a great night together and enjoyed celebrating Dr. Moyer. We can't wait to meet her new little guy!