Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Day of School 2014

The girls started school on Thursday August 14 this year. It seems like our summer went by so quickly. I remember when I was in school feeling like summer went on forever and now it doesn't seem like summer is here long enough. The girls were so excited for school to start and they were excited for their new teachers. Both girls got the teachers they really wanted. Kenzley has Mrs. Dunmeyer, and Brinley has Mrs. Hancock. I can't believe I have a 1st and 2nd grader but I'm so glad they love school and go to school together.

It has been quite the adjustment in the morning but I secretly love every minute of it. I get to get Kenzley up and get her ready for school before I have to leave to take Skyeley to my mom. Steve drops Brinley off at our house in the morning and Mike takes both girls to school. Kenzley has opted to take her lunch to school everyday and is still learning to eat quickly so she has enough time in the lunch room to finish all her food. Brinley is a pro at all of this by now and loves being able to see Kenzley in the morning, at recess, and go home with her at night. I love the bond that these two have and I hope they always remain close. Kenzley's teacher also took a first day of school pic of them and I was sad to see that by the time Kenzley had her picture taken she had taken her hair out of the braid.