Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer days and love notes

We have had a great start to our summer break and the girls are having a blast together. We have been able to go to the aquatic center with friends, play on the spongebob waterslide, have a car wash, ride the neighborhood on bikes, cars, and fourwheelers until the sun goes down, have late overs, and do a lemonade stand, and get doorbell ditched with secret love letters. We can't get enough of summer and it goes by so quickly when you have kids! The girls have loved being able to make new friends in our neighborhood and play all day long. I love that they have so many friends and they are making many new childhood memories. They enjoyed the aquatic center with some of my friends and their kids on June 4, we were able to put up the spongebob at my inlaws and let the cousins play and splash the following weekend. Since we don't do sleep overs Kenzley and Brinley have been able to have a couple of late overs with their friend Sadie, and they stay up late watching movies and giggling all night long. Kenzley and Sadie had a lemonade on June 21 and made close to $20 to split from all the support from people in our neighborhood. Last but not least we were doorbell ditched but someone and they left a little love note. Having 3 girls doesn't make it easy to narrow down who the note is for, but I thought it was cute. Whoever left the note made sure there was a rock on it so it wouldn't blow away. Mike is the one who answered the door and he brought it inside, he wasn't a happy daddy that night but I told him he better prepare for it now. He didn't want the girls to see it or even know about it so I convinced him to let me take a picture of it before he threw it away, so they can at least see it when they are older.