Sunday, September 26, 2010

Princess and the Frog party!

I am going to first start off by saying I'm no professional party thrower, but I do try hard to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time. I wish I could put on a party like some of the ladies in blog land do, but it is very time consuming and hard to as a working mom so I do what I can. After doing Kenzley's princess tea party, Brinley told me she wanted a Princess and the Frog party. Of course she did, I couldn't find any fun ideas online, nobody in blog land had seemed to do throw this kind of party, and I was completely in the dark on what I should do. I first started off by making her party invitations in the shape of lily pads. I added some fun stickers and they turned out very cute.
Next I went shopping for anything I could think of, hoping that I would see something to make the light go on and give me some bright ideas. I shopped and shopped and SHOPPED and still, nothing. At this point I was ready to pull out my hair. Then I decided to talk to my husband and ask him what he thought of my ideas. He of course became my spine and one of the best supporters of this party. These are the ideas I came up with. I first got a life size cardboard stand up of Princess Tiana. I wanted each little princess to be greeted by princesss tiana as they came in the door and have their picture taken with her. I decided instead of each girl coming dressed as a princess and I would make them a tutu to put on as they came in the door before having their picture taken. After all the princesses arrived and had their picture taken, I sent my hubby to the store to develop the pictures for each girl so they could take it home as part of their "gift bag."
I also didn't want this party to seem like a duplicate of the princess tea party so I tried to think of other things I could do that were age appropriate for the girls, but not to boring for the parents that came last time. I decided we would have three princess stations. The first station would be "Pampering the Princess." My best friend Kjersty was in charge of this station. Each princess would go to her to receive their tiara, royal jewelry, and to have their make up done. I bought two princess make up sets from toys r us to split between the groups of girls. Once Kjersty was done doing the make up on the princesses, she let the princesses have a turn putting the make up on her. I'm not sure which part the girls enjoyed more, but they did have fun playing with the make up.

The next station was "Decorate your own prince charming." I made some really great sugar cookies, thanks to my cousin who shared her recipe with me, and some cream cheese frosting. I did the sugar cookies in the shape of a frog and colored the frosting frog green. I purchased each girl their own princess tiana place mat to decorate their cookie on and they could take the mat and their cookie/cookies home after. Each girl got a scoop of frosting on their plate and we let them have free reign over the sprinkles. It made for some very interesting looking frogs.

See that big pile of sprinkles? This is one of the birthday girl's cookies. There is a cookie hidden under that big pile of goodness. Needless to say, we had her go to a different station after this because we needed to make sure every other girl got SOME sprinkles. The next station was "Kiss the frog." I had hopes of making my own home made version of this game, but as I was out shopping this caught my eye and being the lazy person I am purchased the game instead. There was two winners from this game, the two girls that got their lips closest to the frogs won either a princess tiana barbie or a princess tiana polly pocket size barbie with the rubbery clothes.

 Once each princess had at least one turn at each station we went outside and broke the pinata and blew up sesame street bounce house. After the princesses wore off some of their energy we proceeded on with birthday cupcakes and the opening of her presents. I made frog cupcakes, frog jello jigglers, and my mother in law made frog suckers.

In my opinion everything went smoothly, including me sending my husband to develop the pictures. He returned in plenty of time so that each girl could leave the party with their tutu, place mat, cookie, sucker, tiara, jewelry, and princess tiana pictures. Happy 4th Birthday Brinley!