Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Skyeley's 1st Minnie Mouse Birthday

This year went by so fast, I am sad that my baby is already 1. Of course I knew she would grow up, but it just feels like time is flying by. We kept her birthday party pretty low key compared to other parties we have done. It was fun but I must admit I missed all the fun planning and creative ideas to come up with. We had family over and did cake and ice cream and then watched her open her presents. She got plenty of presents and was sure spoiled. She was the best cake eater out of any of my kids, and I loved it. We got her a little Minnie mouse four wheeler for her birthday. She wasn't too sure about it at first but she warmed up to it and started to like it and even went by herself for a few minutes. Happy Birthday Skyeley Mikell we love you!

5 Year Anniversary

First I want to say sorry for the crappy picture, we were in a hurry when we took it and it was done on our phone so it didn't turn out very good. This year for our 5 year anniversary Mike surprised me with a couple's massage in salt lake. I was excited to try it but nervous because I don't like people to touch me. We went to a place in salt lake and we enjoyed our time together but the actual massage wasn't the best. This was my first massage so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I probably wouldn't go do it again. I didn't enjoy it at all, to be honest it kind of hurt. After we were done we got to eat some chocolate and drink some sparkling water. On our way home we stopped at Spaghetti Factory for dinner and had the best dinner ever. I had so much fun spending some alone time with my husband and it was nice to keep our anniversary somewhat low key.

P's Bachlorette Party

This was such a fun time with the girls from my work celebrating one of our very own. P decided to get married this year and so we thought it would be fun to throw her a bachelorette party. We went to dinner at Sonora grill and there we presented her with bachelorette cake. Our waiters and the people we were sharing the party room with sure got a kick out of the cake. Once we were done we went to the parking garage at the junction so those that wanted to could partake in jello shots could. Then we went to fat cats for glow in the dark golfing and were divided up into 3 teams. Once we were done golfing we headed over to the roof bar to hang out and talk. I haven't ever been to bar before this but this one seemed pretty relaxed and it didn't seem like a typical bar setting. It was very calm with music and people just socializing on the roof top of a building. Congrats P!