Sunday, July 4, 2010

Princess Tea Party Part 2!

We had Kenzley's 2nd birthday party yesterday. It turned out to be a HUGE success and was so much fun. As our guests started to arrive we had them start decorating there crowns and wands. The little girls loved it and they were so creative with the placement of their stickers.
After they were done it was time for tea. Each girl chose their cup and plate and I poured the tea (black cherry koolaid). The girls loved the tea and kept asking for more until the tea was gone. Then we went outside for some bounce house fun. All the princesses loved it and played well together. Considering we had princesses from ages 2-4 they did very well together and there was no tears.

Next we did the pinata! I tried to convince Mike to man the pinata but something about little kids swinging a bat just scared him. My friend Kjersty operated the pinata until the string broke and then David, my friend Leanne's husband, braved the holding of the pinata.

There was a secret to our pinata, that we kept until the end. All you had to do was pull on the strings at the bottom of the pinata and the bottom fell out. We let each princess hit the pinata at least twice before pulling the strings. Each princess then crowded around and gathered up as many treats as the could and put them in their goody bag.
We then let everyone play and have an enjoyable time. They could choose from any of the treats I made and eat their little hearts out while they played. I made 6-layered jello glass slippers.
I also made glass slipper chocolate molds
and then we had rainbow cupcakes with princess crowns on top
Some of the crowns didn't set up very well, but we will have better luck next time. After the princesses seemed worn out we decided to do presents. Kenzley was very spoiled and is lucky to have such great friends. She got 2 shopping carts, a princess chair, clothes, a book, a coloring book, and a princess doll.
We gathered all the princess around for a royal picture but it was pretty hard to get them all looking at once.