Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kenzley's 6th birthday

This year for Kenzley's 6th birthday she kind of got the shaft. We ended up spending most of her actual birthday at Primary Children's and so she got to spend the day with her nana and sister Brinley. When Mike and I got back from Salt Lake we went and picked her and Brinley up and headed right to the mall for a special surprise. Mike had decided a few months ago that he wanted to take Kenzley to get her ears pierced for her birthday. He had always said she couldn't have them pierced until she was older but he decided that it was silly to make her wait since she wanted them so badly. Kenzley had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. We got to the mall and of course she was excited, she loves the mall, but then when we got to Claire's Mike finally told her what we were doing. She was a little bit scared but mostly really excited. She got to pick out her first set of earrings and she chose some red ruby ones and then her dad let her pick out her own packages of earrings. She was glowing over the whole process, it really made her day. That night we had Mike's parents over for Kenzley's favorite dinner, "daddy's pasta" aka fettucini alfredo. We ate dinner, had Kenzley open her big gift from mom and dad, and then headed to Farr's for some ice cream. When we got home we put together her Frozen castle so her and Brinley could play before bed. I think she ended up having a really great birthday and she seemed really happy and excited about all of it.