Thursday, August 7, 2014

Skyeley's not so fun adventure

In may after our Mother's day weekend Skyeley started in with saying "Owie peepee." She started with a fever and I was almost sure it was her teeth because she wasn't wanting to eat or drink much. I also understood that if she was getting dehyrdated that it was possibility she could have some pain when urinating. Well after 5 days of fever and "owie peepee" I decided to take her to the doctor. I was concerned that she did in fact have an UTI because there were times that I thought she had a poopy diaper on and would go to change her and it would be just wet. Her urine was starting to smell awful, and unfortunately the last time she was hospitalized she did have an UTI. The doctor did confirm that she did in fact have a raging UTI and started her on an antibiotic. She took the antibiotic for 1 week and about 2 days after she finished the antibiotic, she started complaining, "owie peepee," again. I let that go on for about 2 days and the took her to instacare. The instacare doc didn't do much for us but he did start Skyeley on another antibiotic assuming that the UTI didn't full resolve with the other antibiotic. I was frustrated that he didn't even bother getting a sample to make sure and that just started her on an antibiotic. Working in the medical field, I feel at times I know a little too much for my own good, and this was one of those times. So we started Skeyley on another antibiotic 3 days after finishing the other and she seemed to be getting better. The instacare doc also referred Skyeley down to Primary Children's for recurrent UTI's and for a whole work up. The most frustrating thing to me about this was that we only had 2 documented UTI's and they were over a year apart from each other which doesn't constitute the term recurrent. Recurrent in medical terms is 3 or more in a year. After a couple of weeks of being on the new antibiotic, Skyeley started saying, "owie peepee," again while still take the medication so I called and spoke to her pediatrician. She told me to go ahead and stop the antibiotic because it wasn't doing her any good and to come be seen. We took Skyeley in and they checked her again for another UTI, this time it came back negative. That same day Skyeley also had to have an ultrasound done on her kidneys to make sure that the high fevers with the UTI weren't causing any kidney damage. Her ultrasound came back normal but still no answer as to why she had a fever or was complaining of pain. We scheduled an appointment to be seen at Primary Children's and to have a full work up so we could make sure she didn't have kidney reflux. Our appointment day, June 25, finally arrived and I was so nervous. I just wanted to have one normal healthy baby and I felt like such a failure as a mom. Mike kept trying to calm my fears, but as I stated before working in the medical field isn't always such a great thing. We got to Primary Children's at 9 so they could get started on her VCUG. That was one of the hardest things to watch one of my children go through. The had to put a catheter inside her bladder, which by this point, she had learned to fight like a champ to avoid it, then they had to fill her bladder with dye and watch her bladder expand and make sure non of dye went up into her kidneys. Skyeley screamed and fought so hard on the table, I felt so bad for her. They had to have her empty her bladder once and fill one more time with the radiologist in the room so he could also watch and see what was going on. This procedure took about 1 hour with her crying and screaming the whole time. Our appointment to see the specialist was that same day at 1 and so when we were done with the VCUG we decided to head to City Creek for some shopping and lunch before seeing the doctor. We had an enjoyable day together and Skye loved all the alone time she got with mommy and daddy. Mike and I decided to go to Hire's Big H for lunch, which is awesome, and it was there that we heard Skye say clear as day, "I want a fry." It was so cute but I was a little sad that my baby was starting to talk so well. We headed back to Primary Children's for our appointment. We saw NP Heidi White and she was very sweet and informative. She did acknowledge that Skyeley did in fact not have recurrent UTI's, and that her VCUG was perfectly normal. She gave us the break down of how many UTI's Skye could/should get in the next year, and if she does get that many then we will take her back in. For now we are just going to see if her body can heal itself and hope that it was a total fluke that she had another UTI. She was concerned that she was so young and had already had 2 UTI's but wants to see what her body will do on it's own without having to take a daily antibiotic to prevent them from coming. I told her that I was really pushing potty training hoping that would help and she did say to back off the potty training because Skye has associated pain with her peepee and that it will only do more bad than good at this point.