Saturday, August 23, 2014

Girls Day Out

This year on the 24th of July Mike and his dad both had to work. My mother in law and I decided we would go have a girls day together and take the girls swimming. I had been wanting to go to the new swimming pool Rush in Syracuse and so we went and tried it out. Skyeley was sick that day and so she stayed with my mom and Brinley was with her dad for the holiday, so it was just Kenzley and I. We met at my house, went to the Iceberg Drive Inn for lunch and then went across the parking lot to the pool. We had such a fun time together and after we were done swimming, we went to my house for a bbq with the rest of the family after. Aleshia and I were hoping to get some sun on our legs before our vacation to St George, but it didn't work so well since we decided to use SPF 50. Kenzley caught a butterfly mid air while we were at the pool and she wanted me to watch it so it didn't fly away, needless to say I don't think it flew anymore after she caught it, I think it had died. She forgot about it by the time we left and she even got brave enough to go down the water slides. I really enjoyed the day out with Kenzley and I loved having one on one time with her.