Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kenzley's Barbie Party

This year Kenzley wanted a Barbie themed party. This party was so much fun and I think all the girls loved it. I found the invitation on etsy and it went perfectly with the theme and colors. I also ordered the party favor bags from a shop on etsy called BeachBabyDesign. I was able to get each girl their own Barbie from Walmart for fairly cheap and then I found a lady on etsy (her shop name is GrizzlyCreek) who made plain dresses for the girls to design. Once the girls arrived they chose their Barbie and sat down at the table to start designing their dresses for the fashion show. Once the girls were done with their dresses they visited the make up station and the fingernail painting station so they could be part of the fashion show with their Barbie. Once they were all beautified they put on dress ups and did a fashion show for us, at the end of the cat walk they held the Barbie frame and had their photo taken with their Barbie. Once the fashion show was over we headed outside for the Barbie purse piñata and the girls were given their party favor bags to put their treasures in from the piñata. This was such a fun party and the girls loved dressing up and designing the Barbie's dresses. Happy 5th birthday Kenzley!