Monday, May 26, 2014

Birthday Celebrations 2014

Since Mike and I's birthdays are so close together, we usually like to choose a fancy place to celebrate. Somewhere we don't normally get to go all the time and somewhere a little pricey. This year we choose to go to the Melting Pot for our birthday dinner. They also happened to be doing a free cheese fondue special the week before my birthday and so we decided to go while the special was going on. We invited Mike's parents, his brother, and his brother's girlfriend. We had a great time together and ended up getting spoiled with two free boxes of chocolate dipped strawberries for our birthday.
This year on my birthday, when I got to work at the clinic my desk was decorated with my favorite things and we also did a pot luck and Pegah spoiled me with my very own raspberry lemonade cake from Sweet Tooth Fairy. The food was great and the cake was AMAZING!!! Pegah even had them put my nick name "A HO" on the cake. My nick name is just the few letter of my first and last name put together but it fits perfectly with me working in OB/GYN. My night ended with us going out to eat at Burger Bar for dinner and having some Village Inn pie for dessert. Brinley and Kenzley are old enough this year they were able to go to the store and pick out things they thought I would like. They both did a great job surprising me with their gifts and making this one of the best birthdays yet.

Mike turned 30 this year and Kenzley really wanted to have a "TEE" party for him, since he loves golf. Unfortunately we weren't able to pull it off this year, but we were able to pull off having his coworker decorate his desk at work without him knowing. Towards the end of last year we decorated one of Mike's coworkers desk for his 60th birthday and Kenzley got to come and help. So this year she was wondering if someone would do that for her dad, and much to her surprise they did. I had gone to our local party store and picked up some fun 30 year old decorations for his desk and met up with one of his coworkers. Since Mike's birthday fell on a Monday his coworker was kind enough to go in on sunday and decorate his desk for me. He sent me pictures and I must say he did a fantastic job!