Monday, May 26, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was so much fun this year, all three girls are old enough to understand the concept of easter egg hunts and it was fun to watch them participate in their age categories. Our first Easter egg hunt was in Hooper, where each girl got lots of candy and prizes. Skyeley even ended up with one of the big baskets from the hunt.

Our next hunt was up at weber state for the Easter egg dive. We have done this one for the past few years and girls love it. They get lots of little toys and they love swimming, so that is an extra plus. This year both girls won free swimming lessons from the easter egg dive. They will start taking lessons in the fall.
Our last Easter egg hunt was in Morgan. They were divided up into age group and all 3 girls ended up in a different age group. We called Mike's mom to come help us with one of the girls so that we could make sure every girl had at least one adult with them. All 3 girls ended up with a big basket from this hunt and were very good to share their prizes with each other.
That night we dyed easter eggs and they just had to be glittery because they were princess easter eggs. The girls love this tradition and they are getting very good about not mixing colors together.
On Sunday morning the girls woke up extra early, I think they were excited for the easter bunny. The easter bunny came, hid the baskets, and spoiled the girls. They were all so excited for what the easter bunny brought. Brinley got a new dress, an Elsa castle with Elsa and Olaf included, and lots of candy. Kenzley got a new dress, an Anna castle with Anna included, and lots of candy. Skyeley got a new dress and lots of candy.

We went to church with the girls in their new dresses and when we came home the girls were able to do the easter egg hunt the bunny had done for them. Once they were done with that it was time for us to head up to Morgan for Easter dinner/Mike's birthday dinner. We had an enjoyable day together as a family. My girls even tried to recreate my favorite picture from when they were little. They did this all on their own!