Thursday, May 15, 2014

Vegas 2014

This year our family didn't go together to Vegas because I didn't really want to go. I feel like we have done and gone everything there is to do in Vegas and it just doesn't seem that great to me anymore. I chose to stay home with the girls while Mike went with his parents. It was a long week without Mike but we survived and even went and had fun together at Disney on Ice. It also helped that we moved into our new place just a couple days before Mike left and so I had plenty to do to keep me occupied. Every year Mike likes to go down and watch BYU play in the tournament. This year he didn't seem like he cared as much if he went to every game, like he has in the past, but he still went to the games BYU played. While he was there, him and his dad were even able to get in a few rounds of golf, which they both seemed to enjoy. We haven't decided if our family will go to Vegas next year or if Mike will go alone again, but my girls were pretty sad about not going this year. Luckily for them we have one last family vacation coming up in the summer before I start school.