Monday, May 26, 2014

Morgan Alumni Basketball 2014

This year Mike was contacted to play in the Morgan High Alumni Basketball games with the boys he graduated with. Mike wasn't ever on the high school basketball team but he worked hard and tried hard to get there. The problem with being in a small town is there are a lot of politics that play into things like that, so even though he was good enough he just never made it. He had always wanted to play with the boys who were on the team, but never had a chance, until this year. He was so excited that they would even think of asking him to come play. Needless to say he played hard and they won the championship again. That same week that Mike was playing Kenzley got sent home with the class Minnie Mouse. She had to write in a journal what she did with Minnie and what fun adventures they got to go on and then she could draw a picture or paste a picture inside the journal. She choose to take a picture with her dad and Minnie at the game after they won.