Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter 2013

This year for Easter we celebrated it for 3 weekends in a row. We started out the weekend of the 23rd dying easter eggs. I had pinned lots of fun ideas on pinterest, but unfortunately didn't execute any of them.

 Brinley's finished eggs
Kenzley's finished eggs
The following weekend we went to 4 easter egg hunts. We started in Roy at the airforce museum, then we went to Sandridge park, after that we headed to Sam's Club for their Easter scavenager hunt, and then we went to Morgan for their Easter egg hunt.
 At the Air Force Museum
 Malia and Aiden (Tracee's kids) and Kenzley
 Sandridge Park
 Morgan Easter egg hunt
My little diva Brinley
At our first stop we were able to meet up with my friend Tracee and her two little kids. When we went to Sandridge park we met up with Valerie and Steve (my ex-husband and his wife) and from there we continued to the Sam's Club scavenger hunt that Brinley needed to do for school and then we all drove up to Morgan. Each kid got a basket full of candy but Kenzley got one of the bigger baskets with everything princess. She was kind enough to share half of her basket with Brinley. When we were done it was time to head to my best friend's little girls birthday. Kjersty's baby Nikole was turning one and she was having a Dr. Seuss party for her in Salt Lake.

We attempted the Seuss photo op and this is the best we got! The next day was sunday and Steve was nice enough to let Brinley stay Saturday night. The next morning we woke up and hunted around the house for the eggs the bunny hid and then they opened their baskets. I'm sad to admit I didn't get pictures of any of it. Brinley and Kenzley both got a new doll, Brinley got Ariel, and Kenzley got Rapunzel. They also both got a new dress and lots of candy. Skyeley got a new dress and a scented Minnie Mouse stuffed animal. Later on we hid Mike's Easter eggs around the yard and he had to go out and find them. It was a nice day and I'm glad we all got to celebrate it for a little while together. This past weekend on the 6th Weber State had their annual Easter egg dive in the pool. This year there weren't as many people and my kids got tons of eggs which resulted in lots of treats.

They each got a swimming noodle, a chocolate bunny, 3 packages of peeps to share, 12 containers of bubbles, and a gift certificate for free swimming lessons at Weber State, that didn't include the free goodie bag that is included. We had a lot of fun Easter egg hunting and the girls are pros at it now.