Sunday, April 7, 2013

Vegas 2013

This year we took our annual Las Vegas trip for the college basketball tournament. Mike and his parents always go to the games and the girls and I stay behind and find other things to do. The past couple of years we have done the same things each time and so this year I was on a mission to do something new with the girls. I was very excited that I had found some new things to do which included, the zoo, a mermaid show, a dolphin show, and a children's museum. We of course did our yearly visit to the strip as well, because some things never change. So our first day we started out at the zoo. This wasn't as great as I thought it would be. While the website makes the zoo sound awesome this zoo was ghetto. It sits in a dingy neighborhood and the only way you would know the zoo was there is by the painted cement wall out to the front of the zoo. We were able to see some ostriches, one monkey with a man in his cage, a couple of tressas, lots of pigeons, one lion, one cougar, a cockatoo, and some wallabys, and an otter. That is all the zoo had to offer and I paid as much to get into that zoo and we do for our local zoo.
The next day our outing included going to the mermaid show and the dolphin show. The mermaid show was free and we got watch the stingray feeding prior to the show. Brinley was impressed by the mermaid, however, Kenzley was not. Kenzley thought she would be a real mermaid and was very disappointed when she saw her outfit. The dolphin show was at the mirage and was worth every penny. They did lots of fun tricks and the girls got to pet them. It was kind of a rainy overcast day that day and so not very many people were there, which was nice.
The next day we went to the strip and spent some time in the m&m store and in coke world. The girls were dying to watch the 3D m&m movie. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera that day and so all I got was phone pics.

Our last day I had planned on taking the girls to the children's museum and coincidently that day was the re-grand opening. We drove to the museum which is located in the ghetto of Vegas. It had hundreds of homeless people swarming it and needless to say, since I was alone with the girls, I didn't dare get out of the car. So we ended up with option B which was a trampoline park. I know this is something we could have done at home, but they still had fun and enjoyed their time.
Mike and I were able to have a date night one of the nights we were there. My inlaws watched the kids and Mike and I went shopping. Then we went and ate at Bucca Di Beppo, which is awesome and I recommend it to anyone. Then we went to Sam's Town and gambled away $100 and on our way back to the condo we stopped and got a slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory for dessert.