Sunday, April 7, 2013

St. Patrick's Day 2013

This year was our first year really celebrating this holiday. We haven't ever done anything for it, but since the girls have been in school it seemed like it has been made a bigger deal than I thought. We started off our celebration by doing a Gold Dig at the Roy Complex or as the girl's called it, a Leprechaun Dive. There were a lot of kids there and they were divided into age group by wrist band color. Kenzley's group got to go first. Even though there were prizes on the bottom of the pool there were also prizes that floated on top of the pool and Kenzley insisted on keeping her floaties on. She was able to get a big inflatable ball, a bouncy ball, and a water gun. Lucky the leprechaun was there and he handed out chocolate gold coins. You would have thought it was real gold with the way the girls were acting. Brinley's group got to go next and she got a little more. She decided she wanted to take off her floaties and she got a necklace, some gold aka quarters, a couple of balls, and a squirt gun. This was really and fun and they enjoyed doing the dive. We were able to swim for free after the dive was over and we also got free passes to come back another time and go swimming.
The next day was the actual holiday. We were fortunate this year to have a leprechaun visit us. Brinley wasn't with us this year but rumor has it the leprechaun went to her dad's house. That silly leprechaun used our potty and didn't flush, he then left a trail of reeses and rolos all the way to a special prize he left just for Kenzley. He must have worn her shoes because they were by the treats her left for her. Kenzley said her shoes now smell like leprechaun feet and she won't wear them. OOPS! He even stopped in our play room and played barbies. The girls had lots of fun with this holiday this year and I think we will continue to let the leprechaun in if he comes.