Sunday, April 7, 2013

Valentine's 2013

This year for Valentine's Day we didn't do much because we were leaving for Vegas a couple weeks later and we were going to celebrate it there. I did still manage to make Mike a homemade gift from the girls. I had been looking at pinterest quite a bit for some inspiration and that is where I found my idea.

Mike has a frame at his work that we gave to him with pictures in it from a couple of father's days ago. I try and update the picture of the girls at least once a year. I feel that at least that way he has some cute and fun pictures of the girls on his desk. While I was searching pinterest, I also came across some ideas for homemade Valentine's that we could make for the girls to hand out.
The Sundaes are what the girls gave their teachers

The shovels are what Brinley and Kenzley gave their classmates

The suckers are what Skyeley handed out to her little friends
I owe my mom a lot of thanks, because I found these ideas and was only able to help her for one day get what we could put together. She then finished the rest and delivered them to the girls so they could hand them out. We had our normal steak and lobster dinner at my inlaws with Mike's cousin Tyler and his family. It is always so nice to see them and catch up, even if it is only on special occasions. Mike and Kenzley were also able to go to Chick Fil A's daddy/daughter date night. Kenzley is a big daddy's girl and enjoyed this night out with her dad. That morning she made sure I straightened her hair and that she wore a dress so that she looked cute for their date. I picked her up from my mom after work and we met Mike at Chick Fil A. She got to get her picture taken with the princess cow and her dad, eat at her favorite restaurant, and she got a rose with cow on it from her dad. They also had limo rides available, but Mike had a basketball game that night and so they didn't have time to go for a ride. She was so smiley all night and was excited to tell everyone she saw that she went on a date with her dad.