Sunday, April 7, 2013

NCAA 2013

Since Mike works at Ken Garff he sometimes will get tickets to a special event that sometimes he wouldn't have. Ken Garff has almost every line of car out there and Mike happens to sell parts for 3 of the car lines. Buick, which is part of a GM company sponsors the NCAA and so Buick sent Ken Garff some tickets to the tournament. Mike has been able to attend this tournament one other time and that was after the doctor I was working for offered for us to buy his tickets. Mike was able to go to his first tournament with his dad, this time he took his brother Brian. The managers at Ken Garff all know what a basketball junkie Mike is and they wanted to offer him the tickets, but we were on vacation when the opportunity came up. One of Mike's coworkers spoke up for the tickets and when Mike got back he told Mike that his wife no longer wanted to go and offered one of the tickets to Mike, not any ticket but 12th row tickets. Mike of course said yes and made arrangements to have that Saturday off work. Well about 4 days before the tournament his coworker decided he didn't want to go and so Mike ended up with both tickets. He knew he wouldn't have a hard time finding someone to go with him, but he had a hard time deciding who he wanted to take. He made the decision to take his brother and from what it sounded like, they had a wonderful time. I took the girls to see the Croods that day and then went out to lunch with some of my friends to Olive Garden. That night we came home and dyed Easter eggs since we wouldn't have Brinley the following weekend. Here are some pictures from the tournament.