Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brinley's Treehouse Kindergarten Field Trip

On April 3rd Brinley's kindergarten class went on a field trip. It was on a Wednesday which is my day off and so I was able to take Kenzley and go while my mom watch Skye. Mike's work also allows their employees to go on field trip without having to take paid time off and so he was able to go with us as well. When we first arrived we were sent into the auditorium so that we could be divided into groups and parents could be assigned to 3-4 children. Mike and I weren't assigned any kids and so that left us to watch over our two and soak up our time with them. We were placed into a larger group and participated in 3 different activities. Our first activity we went upstairs and made a magic wand. The kids got to choose their color of stick and then they were all given some sort of clay. They were told to color on it and then move the color all throughout the clay by playing with it. Once it had color all through it the parents helped them mold the clay into whatever shape they wanted. Brinley wanted a star and Kenzley wanted a heart, we then placed our wands on the counter and headed back to the auditorium. Once we were there, we were told the kids would be acting out a story of the Goose with a Golden Egg. Each child was carefully chosen for their role in the play. Brinley got to be one of the sisters and she did a great job acting her part. Our last activity was to go listen to different versions of some of our favorite stories, like Cinderella, Princess and the Frog, and Little Red Riding Hood. After we were done with all the activities we were able to have free play. This was the best part of the whole field trip and our girls had a blast, playing with Mike while I snapped some fun pictures.