Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dance and Tumbling 2013

Another dance year has come and gone and Kenzley is probably the most excited about it. Ever since Kenzley started dancing at Studio 48, it has been a fight to get her to go to class. I feel like a lot of this is because her first year in dance was awful. Her teachers weren't helpful and they just put her on a star in the back of the class and let her do whatever she wanted. This year her teachers were ten times better and she loved them, but she didn't like dance. Brinley is advancing in dance and tumbling so well. I am so proud of her progress. She will be advancing in both class in the next season and she seems to love doing both. Brinley has accomplished her back bend walk over and is one of two girls in her tumbling class who can do this. The girls had their dance recital on May 18 and did fantastic. Much to our surprise, on the slideshow before the recital started was one of Kenzley's single dance pictures. Kenzley was beaming after she saw herself on the "movie." May 22 was Brinley's tumbling review and she did awesome. She did her back bend walk over 3 times unassisted and we cheered her on. They both got trophies at the end of the recital and Brinley got one at the end of her tumbling review. This next year Kenzley has decided she wants to do tumbling, but I haven't been too impressed with the program and Studio 48 so we are going to try somewhere new and see if she likes it.