Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kenzley gets her tonsils out

As many already know Kenzley has been a sick child most of her life. We haven't been able to figure out what is wrong with her. She has had almost every test done that the doctors could think of and the only thing we can come up with is something called periodic fever syndrome. There is no rhyme or reason to what causes high fevers but their bodies will just fever really high, leaving the child lethargic, tired, and not feeling well. Our last appointment at PCMC with the specialist Dr Hirsh we discussed taking out Kenzley's tonsils and testing the lymph node tissue around her tonsils for cancer. The thought made this mommy nervous for days, in fact they wanted to schedule Kenzley the following Monday for tonsil removal. I wasn't quite prepared, I wanted some more time to ponder it and really get myself together for all the possibilities. I decided to have Kenzley's tonsils removed while they were out of school over the thanksgiving break. Dr Hirsh said that sometimes by removing the tonsils it will also get rid of the fevers because the tonsils can have infection in them that never presents as strep. So we were hoping to kill two birds with one stone with removing her tonsils. To test for cancer and to get rid of the fevers, the only down fall is if Kenzley's body decides to fever after the tonsils are out we will be doing a bone marrow biopsy. Kenzley was very nervous for surgery and her dad wasn't able to get off work to be there with us but her Grandma was there to help us out. Kenzley got to choose a special stuffed animal to keep and got to take her favorite blanket with her as she was wheeled away. We were told that when she was done they would come and get us from the waiting room. Needless to say they didn't need to come get us, we could hear her screaming from a mile away. I quickly went back to see if I could help calm her down but she was mad because they were trying to get her to take "yucky medicine" (lortab). We tried everything we could to get her to take it but she wasn't having it and the nurse was really worried about her pain level because she was screaming and wouldn't take the medicine. Finally after some more sleep in recovery, a popsicle, and a new palace pet on the ipad, Kenzley took the lortab. That is the only time she would take it the whole time she was recovering. She told me at one point, "I would rather be in pain, than take that gross medicine." We made it through the week and she was back to school the following Monday. Here is hoping we may have cured Kenzley for good!