Sunday, April 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

This year Santa sent an Elf to our house that we named Tink. Through out the month of December Tink would do silly things around our house and the girls would find her in a new spot every morning. The girls loved it and I enjoyed watching their excitement every morning looking for Tink. Thanks Santa for sending Tink to our house, we are hoping she will make special birthday appearances to remind the girls that she is still watching them. I also receiving the mother of the year award because I didn't get any picture of our Christmas day with the girls opening their presents. Brinley and Kenzley got bunk beds that they had asked for with new bedding and some toys they had asked for. Skyeley was spoiled with a Doc McStuffins check up center, a new kitchen, and some learning toys. We had a wonderful Christmas spent with our family. This year my work Christmas party was at Weber State Bowling Alley. We met there and ate lunch and then went bowling. We also had an ugly Christmas sweater competition and I am proud to say that my ugly duck dynasty sweater won the grand prize.

Also for Christmas my work does something we call the Grinch where we decorate each others desk for Christmas like a secret santa thing. I was spoiled this year and I love the shirt I got to give my Grinch. I also found out later that she loved the shirt so much and has actually worn it to the gym while she is working out.

And last but not least I had gone out for the day the Saturday before Christmas and I left Mike at home with the kids. I suggested to Brinley and Kenzley that they ask their dad if they could decorate their gingerbread men. Mike, being the wonderful dad that he is, decided to let the girls decorate their men, but the girls had another plan in mind. They decided to have a "food fight" with the candy instead of decorating with it. I got home to two very upset girls and a fuming husband. It's the memories, right?