Sunday, April 6, 2014

Halloween 2013

Our Halloween was very busy in 2013 but also very fun. Kenzley and I decorated the pumpkin we got from Black Island Farms at a pink girl minion. We had a fun Halloween manicure and pedicure day where I painted the girls' fingernails with ghosts on their hands and Frankenstein on their toes. I volunteered in both girls' class Halloween parties. We played Halloween bingo and did a spider ring toss and then each child got to choose a fun Halloween toy out of the Halloween box. At my work we do something called a spook and I did the zombie would letter set for her and decorated her desk. Ariel had me and she did a cute set of shoes and decorated my desk with my favorite candies. This year for Halloween Brinley was Ariel and the shoes hurt her feet and gave her blisters, Kenzley was wedding Rapunzel and she loved being a bride, and Skyeley was a BYU cheerleader. We had a ward Halloween party, but I forgot to get pictures of it. This was our first year trick-or-treating alone as a family and is was a lot of fun. Mike even got in on the action and the kids got lots of candy. The older girls were really good about taking Skyeley's bucket to the door with them and getting her candy. For our Halloween dinner I made spider plates and found eyeball goblets. We had worms and brains for dinner and blood to drink. I also made some bone breadsticks to go along with our dinner. The kids loved eating something "creepy" for dinner.