Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brinley's Baptism

On November 1 Brinley was baptized by her dad. She was so excited to get baptized and didn't stop smiling all day. Brinley had won a photo shoot from a contest on facebook from a photographer that does her dance photos. Her dad and I thought it would be fitting to have her baptism pictures taken using that photo shoot. I had seen some ideas on pinterest that I wanted to try and execute during the pictures and this picture was one of them. You have them get a picture in their baptism dress while holding a picture of them in the blessing dress. Then when they get married they can hold the picture of them in the baptism dress and their blessing dress to create the 3 white dresses. When she was done with her baptism we all met in the cultural hall to eat. This included Steve and his side of the family, Valerie and her family, my family and Mike's family. I am so glad we were all able to come together for Brinley and that there wasn't any awkwardness at all felt that day. We shared the cost of having Subway cater her baptism lunch and then asked our family to bring either chips or soda. She also received some very special gifts that day. She received a baptism towel and ctr necklace from her Aunt Shelly and Uncle Matt and their family. She received a ctr ring from her primary presidency in her dad's ward. She got a Frozen blanket from her Grandma, her nana gave her a baptism book and bracelet, and Kjersty gave her a dress to wear to church. Mike and I and her other set of parents all went in together and bought her a nice set of scriptures with her name on them and a bag to carry them in, as well as her baptism dress and shoes. I am extremely thankful for the love and support that was shown to our family and to Brinley on this special day.