Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tangled Birthday Party

Brinley turned 5 on September 30 and this year for her birthday she wanted a Tangled party. This theme was hard for me because there weren't too many ideas on the internet to help me get my creative juices flowing. It also was hard because we just moved a little over a month ago, and while I am thankful we moved, it sure put a little kink in my party throwing plans. With that said, this was probably one of the most enjoyable parties I have thrown since I started doing at home parties for the girls. I started with a fun invitation created by this lady! I aboslutely loved how the invitation turned out and she was very reasonably priced!
My best friend is always willing to help me with these parties with whatever I ask her to do. I have kind of started giving her an assignment for each party, that way, it kind of ensures that she will come. For Brinley's party I asked her to make Rapunzel's tower. I didn't want it for any other reason besides a photo op. I love being able to take the kids' pictures by or with something fun at each party and I thought this would be perfect. The tower was perfect and all the little girls loved it. I loved how it turned out!

For our first activity at the party, I thought it would be fun to let the kids paint the wall like Rapunzel does. I brought home a couple of sheets from work and a few rolls of table paper. I hung a sheet on one of my bare walls and then taped the table paper horizontally across the sheet. I also covered the carpet with a couple more sheets and our art wall was ready. This was a huge hit at the party and everyone loved painting the wall. Even after the party was over a few little artists were found back in the room painting again.

For our second activity we made our very own Princess Rapunzel crown. We got a template from and I cut out and glued them together. Then I let the girls decorate them with foam stickers and sequins. While we decorated we decided to eat our pizza too.

Once we were done eating we and our crowns were on we played pin the nose on flynn rider. I was able to google and coloring page of flynn rider without a nose. I printed it out and took it to my nearest kinkos and had them blow it up. I also printed out a coloring page of flynn rider with a nose and cut out his nose and then blew it up on the copier at my work. The girls loved this game. The person that got their nose the closest won a princess dress up kit. Our winner was Taysee, congratulations Taysee!

We let the kids play for a while after and then it was time for presents. I had all the little princesses sit on the couch and then I called them one by one to go pick out their gift to give to Brinley. Brinley was so thankful for all that she got. It was cute to watch how excited see was and to here her say thank you. Thank you to everyone who came!

Then it was time for cake and ice cream! We sang happy birthday and Brinley blew out her candles! This is where I wasn't very creative. I didn't make any food for her party. I even bought her cake. I am so disappointmet in myself. I won't be doing that again, but she was happy.

 Mike has a coworker at his work that makes all different types of hair bows. Since I was running out of time, and I hadn't put my party favors together yet, I asked her if I got all of the supplies, if she could make the bows for me. She gladly accepted. I ordered Rapunzel bottle caps from here and I ordered some cute polka dot ribbon from ebay. His coworker made a set of hair bows for each child to take home and even made a cute Rapunzel hair bow holder to put them on. Thanks Sarah!

Thank you to everyone who came! We appreciate all the love and support you give us! Happy birthday Brinley! We hope you had a wonderful day! We are so proud of you and the beautiful little girl you have become!